Why Agents Are Better than Lawyers

Craig’s written a few posts about Why Lawyers are better than Real Estate Agents. Seriously?
Are you KIDDING me???
I usually don’t post before pictures of my listings, but this seller gave me permission to do so.

People don’t know what we do. because it is PERSONAL. What we do for our clients is never known until someone who thinks this business is EASY walks a mile in our shoes. THIS is what I do BEFORE I even START! The Listing won’t even be in the MLS until Wednesday.

I clearly EARN every penny I make, and not ONE of my clients have ever disputed that. I have never had a client who thought I “made too much” when representing them either in a purchase OR a sale in 21 Freaking YEARS!

Every day (and today on my most recent post) someone says agents do NOTHING.

Well I don’t call THIS nothing. It took day after day and many hours. Because I can’t “market” a home until I have a home “to market”. This is a $250,000 house and I am only charging 2% (because it is a 2X past client).

If you hired an agent who did NOTHING…
well, come on guys, whose fault is THAT?!?



AFTER – Not finished yet,

have another full day tomorrow.

NO…this is not a vacant home…This is what it looks like today before it is finished.




Even staging the Linen Closet, the kitchen cabinets, the patio set out on the deck…you name it. Closets…anything a buyer will open and look inside.

And then some PISSANT will come along with a “Bad MLS Photo” post and complain that the light fixture is reflecting in the sliding glass door.

Don’t get me wrong…the seller is working his fingers to the bone too! This kind of transformation does not take ONLY one person. But I even personally, hand made the wall hanging in the dining room. I didn’t have anything “in stock” that was quite right and I wanted the largest 42″ X 42″ piece. I had this one:


But I wanted a “mid-century modern” feel, so I went to the cloth store and covered it with this:


And then I made a “Companion Piece” in cloth of the same colors and different design, and found the “starburst” mirror for over the fireplace that matched the circles in the cloth in the larger cloth covered.


If you are an agent who runs in with your cell phone and takes a quick picture of the open toilet and toilet paper…THIS is what we DO or “cause to happen” and WHY we make “the big bucks”.

And oh…


I didn’t see any LAWYERS in Joann Fabrics on 4th of July Weekend.

If you are one of my other clients over the last week or two who thought I looked a little tired…this is why. 🙂 A VERY rewarding business…and there is NO END to what “we” DO!

We do whatever it takes to have a successful client.