Are Buyers Getting Ripped Off with REO Escrow Fees?

. Recently I’ve closed a couple of REO transactions lately where I’ve been dismayed at what the escrow companies are cha

It’s time for a ban on all third party short sale negotiators.

Not a day goes by that I do not hear a story from a Realtor, loan originator or consumer about a questionable if downrig

Is King County at 2001 or 2005 price levels?

Was reading the questions in the comments over on The_Tim’s post about “The Bottom Falling Out on the Low Tier”. That pr

Short Sales & the “new” Mortgage Fraud

Short Sales continue to be problematic for all concerned. So much so that “right” seems to be the minority “opinion”. At

New WA State Short Sale Seller Advisory and Licensee Guidance Bulletins

The Real Estate Division of the Washington State Department of Licensing and the Department of Financial Institutions ha

Truliaboy Refinances His Short Sale Purchase

Back in early October, I wrote a brief story of a young man (whom I have dubbed as “Truliaboy”) who purchased a nice hom

Should you sell your home?

Five to one, more people are asking me if they should sell their home vs. if they should buy one. That said, I have more

Predatory Short Sale Negotiators

I received a call the other day from a consumer who was in the process of purchasing a short sale home.  The homeowner h

How Does a Short Sale or Foreclosure Impact Your Credit

Ardell posed a question on her last post about credit scoring that I’ve been meaning to address here at Rain City Guide

Distressed property rental income: Who’s money is it when a home goes into default?

This is both a legal question and an ethical issue.I’ve bumped into this, not in the workplace, but out looking at prope