Amazing Access

My husband was helping our son remodel in Portland this weekend. I had alot of work to do, keeping up with new classwork and working on business. I was going to stay home but decided it was lovely weather and I’d travel along with him so I could see my kids, too. 

Having been in college when learning programming meant using keypunch cards, (A key punch is a device for entering data into punch cards by precisely punching holes at a designated locations :)).I have to constantly remind myself to remember how mobile my work now is.  There was nothing that I had to do at the office that I couldn’t do sitting in the car with my computer on my lap, including this post!

I remember the first time I left the office with my cell phone and talked to a customer in Nordstrom.  I pretended I was in the office and that I had time to talk. I remember the feeling that I could really do almost anything as long as I had my cell phone with me and no one would even know I wasn’t at work.

The craziest was when I got an offer on a listing about 10 minutes before pulling out of Miami on a cruise. The deal came together, the seller never did know I was not in town and I handled the whole thing from the ship’s computers.  I don’t turn my business over to an associate unless I have to, and I don’t tell my clients where I am unless it’s necessary. So for a work-a-holic like me, It’s amazing how much free time I have now with mobile phones and now, the mobile office.

[photopress:Copy_of_P1010174.JPG,thumb,alignleft]So, Randy is waiting for me to get back on the road where I can get back to listening to my lecture series online and typing a blog on my laptop plugged in to the battery with my really slick sprint card.  I’ve already answered several emails, searched for a handyman in Vaughn for a client, done a CMA for another client and emailed all the results, while driving up I-5!

It may be that I never really get away from the office, but at least by bringing the office along with me, I can now even enjoy the hours I put in on the job.

BTW, my son is moving from his 1910 bungalow 2100 sq ft home in NE Portland worth $600,000 to a 3600 sf ft new home in Vancouver on 1/2 acre with more bells and whistles than I knew exsisted for $650,000. And it’s only 20 minutes away. Location, location, location.

The 2006 101 Blog Post Challenge Match

[photopress:boxer.jpg,full,alignright]Gentlemen, Place Your Bets!

Responding to the Sellsius Challenge, at 12:01 a.m Tuesday 9/26/2006, Greg Swann and I will commence the Cool Hand Luke Style test of completeing 101 Blog Posts in a 24 hour period. Kevin over at In the Trenches is monitoring the betting odds via bets placed via Inkling.

The Challenge Match emanated from Sellsius’ attempt to post 100 Blog Posts in one day, with two writers. Their efforts produced 50 great Blog Posts, and the resultant challenge taken up by Greg and I, will be followed closely by Sellsius and The Property Monger who added fuel to the fire by dubbing the match A Battle of the SEXES

Greg seems undaunted by the task at hand, claiming There is NO WAY he won’t finish. I, on the other hand am wondering if I’ve bit off more than I can chew.

CJ over at NELA and a host of other specators are awaiting the stroke of midnight, for the Blogathon to begin. So grab your popcorn or place your bets or tune in tomorrow morning to see which of us fell asleep! 101 in one day…what the heck were we thinking!?