Going, Going…GONE!

[photopress:gavel.jpg,full,alignright]A few days ago a property came on market just after noon at 12:48:39. The property was emailed to me through the mls, so I saw it fairly quickly after it was listed. I emailed it to a client of mine, even though it was not in the area he requested, but it was in the price range.

I don’t know why I sent it to him, except that I knew it was an exceptional property in an exceptional location and priced to sell. There are hundreds of properties on market in his price range, but this one caught my attention. This one above all others. Sometimes I wonder how we can just instinctively know that as we are emailed listings, while we are in the midst of doing other things. Now there’s a REALLY good one.

The property was apparently viewed, an offer received and accepted and the property changed from ACTIVE to STI by 9:58:46 the same evening. No, my client didn’t see it or buy it. But he did change his instructions to me and asked that I, rather than following his instructions, send him anything in his price range that I felt was not only appropriate to his needs, but a good property. Sometimes just knowing “how to pick ’em” is what sets you apart.

I do see some weaknesses in the marketplace. In fact, I don’t like most or many properties that are for sale. But we are, as always, waiting like cats to pounce on the next good one coming out the gate.