No Bubbles Bursting – It was only August

[photopress:august.jpg,full,alignright]I can’t give an official report with stats until September’s sales are closed, but based on my experience out there in the trenches…It was only August! aka “The Dog days of Summer”

Even the Open House I held on Sunday was sold to a fella who walked in and said, “I was looking before, but I took August off!” August has long been known as “Agent Takes Vacation Month”. At one point in August, 4 of the 5 things I was trying to put together had the other agent “leaving for vacation tomorrow”, “calling you from Canada”, “calling all weekend from some road trip”, and other such voice messages. “Leaving for vacation tomorrow” did come together and closed by month end 🙂

This last week, begininning Tuesday after the holiday, has been gangbusters with some very surprising bidding wars going on. Of course the ink isn’t dry on that one, but it’s a great story when it’s over. Some record high prices.

So NO BUBBLES BURSTING. It was only August…again, here in the Seattle area.