"Carpet" Credits, et al

[photopress:w.jpg,thumb,alignright]We are at that time of year when houses are not selling like hotcakes. So we are back to that age old question, “Can’t I just offer a credit?”

Often agents will tell sellers that they need to remove wallpaper, paint rooms or put in new carpet. A common response from a seller is “Can’t I just offer the buyer a credit?” The short answer is NO. The long answer is, if you offer $2,000 as a credit to the buyer to remove that ugly wallpaper, the buyer will offer you less after having seen the wallpaper AND they will take your $2,000 on top of that as well.

So yes, you can offer the buyer $2,000 and he will happily take it. But he will still take $10,000 off the price of the house, because he hates the wallpaper.