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PreFab housing is a foreign concept to me, so I decided to investigate…

  1. There is no single definition of prefab. In fact, one could argue that almost every house built today has elements of prefabrication, since components such as roof trusses and windows are built off-site. Prefab can perhaps be best understood as a continuum with several points along a path—from a unique, custom-designed, stick-built home at one extreme to a complete factory-built house delivered on-site as a single unit.”
  2. [photopress:FF_82_prefab3_f.jpg,thumb,alignright]Are prefab homes destined for middle America? “Other architects are embracing this vision of mass customization. Charlie Lazor, a founder of the iconic Blu Dot furniture company, recently left to start his own concern selling FlatPak houses. Los Angeles-based architecture firm Marmol Radziner + Associates just opened a 64,000-square-foot factory to fabricate the steel frames for its new prefab line. And renowned LA architect Ray Kappe has designed a model for a prefab venture started by former dotcom mogul Steve Glenn.”
  3. The people from Royal Homes Modern remind us that size isn’t everything (so does the WSJ)
  4. However, small does not mean cheap… At least when Ray Kappe is involved.
  5. Prefab park?
  6. Wouldn’t it be nice if Seattle Modern got “modern” (i.e. a blog!) so that I could add him to my feed reader and link to his articles?
  7. Modern MyWay: Modern-style designs submitted by Dwell readers.
  8. Allison (the recently announced former editor at Dwell) literally wrote the book on PreFab.
  9. (Considering Alison helped market modular homes in addition to being an editor, Dwell has some work to do to fill her shoes…)
  10. Container Bay: “for shipping container enthusiasts”.