This week according to 4realz…

I can tell from the comments that many regular readers of RCG have been checking out the what I’ve been doing on It’s been fun to try out something a bit different as I do my best to summarize the news and gossip of the real estate technology and communities.

However, besides blogging on 4realz, I’m also committed to sending out a weekly email that summarizes the news and gossip that I think the typical real estate executive should know. Interestingly, I did something like this at Move and I know from feedback I got that the email was definitely appreciated since most executives don’t have the time to follow all the blogs and news sites that they wish they could. However, I do say “executive” pretty broadly since there are a lot of people who would appreciate a weekly summary of news and gossip from the online real estate community.

I’m extremely hesitant to republish the email on 4realz as a blog post each week (despite requests) because it feels like it would be repeating the same stories that would have already been covered on the blog earlier in the week. I still haven’t figured what I will do each week, but this week I thought I would post the email here on RCG!


While I expected it to be a slow week thanks to the holiday season, there was more than enough action to keep a blogger busy with all the big names making news week:


By the way, if you want to subscribe to my weekly email (similar to notes above), it is 100% free and 100% opt-in. To get on the list email me at with a request (a simple “please include me on your weekly emails