The Day Twitter Died

#fixreplies “Drove my Chevy to the levy, but the levy was dry…”

Marshall says it best, “Goodbye People I Never Knew” <tear>

The hustle and bustle of Twitter slowed to the level of a party gone flat…no bubbly. At first people just thought everyone decided to take a nap, all at the same time. Then there was a mass uprising…but no one can see it, because you can no longer see the @replies of people you don’t follow.

Last week, Twitter added a great new feature called Trending Topics.  Little did they know that the #1 Trending Topic would be turned AGAINST them and their recent decision to quiet down the party.

#1 Trending Topic is #fixreplies and here are  what some of the people are saying, as they are charging up to the castle to put the stake in Dr. Twitterstein’s heart.

“Oh gee that’s right @ev & @biz don’t follow most people, so they won’t see THAT WE’RE FREAKIN’ PISSED…#fixreplies

Checking @ev the CEO of Twitter, it would appear that they didn’t notice until #fixreplies hit #1 on the Trending Topics list, as all @ev had so say during all this was “Lunching w/@BertDecker at Yank Sing. It’s been a deem sum week.”

Talk about clueless. Did they think people woudn’t notice that someone turned off the light switch?

Seattle’s own @Shih_Wei says: “Dear @ev, the only alternative is to put the options back in users’ hands. Newcomers will figure it out, too. #fixreplies”

Some hearfelt pleas: “Twitter is now hiding messages from people you follow, if it’s a reply to someone you don’t follow. How am I supposed to discover people now? #fixreplies

Lots and lots of complaints, like this one: “Looks like Twitter will kill itself w/ stupid un-social changes like #fixreplies

Given the comment above, maybe the post should have said The Day Twitter Committed Suicide.

Some of the Coders who write Twitter Apps, like Seattle’s @dacort see it as an opportunity: “dacort  Twitter taketh away, and small angry developers will provideth.

I’m going to go to sleep and hope I will wake up to find it was all just a bad dream.