Watch Out Below!

While I-pods are a great way to catch up on the numerous webinars posted during working hours, they can be a bit dangerous when the listener removes themselves from the world around them. Let me give you a little example of what I mean by this.

Last weekend, my son and his pregnant (yes, I’m proud!) wife needed my husband’s (Randy) assistance updating his 1/2 bath prior to listing his home for sale.  Here’s the setup: 2 story bungalow with a basement. 2nd story bathroom directly above main floor bath using same waste pipe that drain straight down into waste pipe in basement floor. Becuase 2nd floor bath had pvc pipe and basement had the old cast iron, the best thing to do was replace the whole pipe at the same time. So, of course, they pulled the waste pipe out of the main floor bath, disconnecting the 2nd story bath from the waste pipe in the basement. All’s well and Randy is getting ready to reinstall from the 2nd floor waste to the basement by handing the pipe down to son Ryan in the basement. [photopress:ryan_and_randy_in_the_shit_hole.jpg,thumb,alignright]Great great plan, all is going well, but my lecture was over, I removed my headphones, and ran up the stairs to use the only operating bathroom in the house except that, you guessed it, one flush and whoosh, down thru the 1st floor bath directly into the face of my darling son Ryan, bounced off him and onto his computer and everything on the desk that he was working on!

 The moral of the story is: Don’t visit your son! 

My funniest ever sale

[photopress:legs.jpg,thumb,alignright]Talking about “covering for another agent” reminded me of my funniest ever sale of a house.  I was getting my first ever leg waxing when the phone rang and an agent asked me to show a house to one of his buyer clients.  He was “down the shore” (Jersey) with his family.  I said no problem.

I rushed to the house to meet his clients straight from my first ever leg waxing appointment.  Apparently I rushed the leg waxing lady so much that she didn’t get all of the wax off of my legs.

Jim’s buyer clients wanted to write an offer, so off to the office we went.  It is no easy feat to write an offer for people you barely know, by the way.  But I had them laughing so hard, that we got through it in great humor.

My legs kept sticking together!  I crossed my legs, and when I tried to stand up to go to the copy machine, one of my legs was wax stuck on to my other leg and I couldn’t move.  Except to hop on one leg.  I had to take my hands and pull one leg off the other which really hurt!  Writing the contract took forever, many addendums, etc… and I kept forgetting NOT to cross my legs!  So every time I stood up to get something or go to the copy machine…the hilarious ripping my legs apart from one another kept repeating.

Finally I was so sore from ripping my legs apart, I just hopped around till we got finished, which had the buyers rolling on the floor.  Honestly, if they were my clients, I probably would have been humiliated.  But what the hell…they were Jim’s clients…I wasn’t getting paid a dime and the buyers were happy as pie.  So, it’s just a funny memory and not an embarassing one.

Every single time Jim went on vacation and I covered for him, I sold a house for him.  He decided to take vacations more often 🙂