10 Great Reasons NOT to use WordPress…

As many of you know, I’m normally a huge fan of using WordPress (in both the hosted and self-hosted formats), but tonight I’m not feeling so generous…

  1. WordPress blogs can be hacked! (If you came here yesterday, then you know what I mean!)
  2. It’s open-source with no one to call when your site goes down, especially not on a Sunday night of a three-day weekend.
  3. Even if you do find someone who could help, they will likely blame your problems on lax security (and they’re probably right)
  4. After hours of backing up, reinstalling, and general complaining, you may not know what security lapse you made (i.e. they could be back tomorrow!)
  5. Should your site ever get hacked, expect that it will occur while you’re on a two-day rafting trip on the beautiful Kern River!
  6. Moving photos and other files between servers and hard-drives (while trying to move fast and keep an organized filing structure) is a pain.
  7. Your site might turn out to spend a day displaying anti-Semitic remarks (OUCH!).
  8. Despite the “1-step” updates advertised by the WP crew, updating a WP blog is a pain and no fun, but obviously important, and will never be forgotten again!
  9. There are some groups you just don’t want to be associated with.
  10. BTW, if something looks fishy on the site, please let me know. I’ve deleted and reinstalled every file I could find and I’m sure I missed a few details! (The sidepanel on the wiki comes to mind, but I’ll have to wait until another day to fix that issue!)

Thanks to everyone who sent me a note alerting me to the hack! It’s awesome to find out just how many people are looking out for RCG! 🙂