Who Should Get Out Of The Real Estate Business?

Dustin, Jillayne, Rhonda, Galen¬†and I were all in San Francisco for a few days for The Inman Connect Conference.¬† One of the most profound and spot on statements I heard at the Conference was “If you do not have a listing, right now, in¬†THIS market (top-heavy with inventory)…turn in your license!”. Sorry I can’t remember who said it.¬† In fact I think it was a woman in the audience and not on one of the panels.¬† But how TRUE is THAT!¬† With inventory at all time highs, can you say you are a real estate agent if you have NO listings?! I thought that was a punch in the glass jaw to some of the agents milling around the conference.

The highlight of my trip was when Pete Flint of Trulia came over to me at the Better Homes and Gardens Soiree and handed me his card.¬† He recognized me from Trulia Voices ūüôā¬† I gained a huge respect for him given our conversation.¬† We were talking about Trulia Voices vs. Zillow Q & A, and I was impressed with his sincere level of interest in opinions on the subject. Trulia had the best party, BTW.¬† A funny in the Trulia Voices link up there.¬† One of the agents immediately gave my response a “thumbs down”, while at the same time the person who asked the question voted it as Best Answer.¬† Oh well, you can’t please everyone.

I still feel guilty about keeping Marc Davison of 1000 Watt Blog up so late that he missed his Panel Moderation the next morning.¬† Brian Boero filled in for him. Officially the reason for his missing the panel was related to his recuperation of severed finger.¬† But I can’t help but feel that had I let him get a little more sleep the night before, he might have made it.¬† Yet, I can’t say I’m sorry for detaining him for so long…I just didn’t want to let him go.¬† He’s an amazing person.

I’m hoping Inman or Sellsius¬†will post a video of the panel I was on, moderated by Joe Ferrara.¬† I was a little nervous about being on a panel with THREE attorneys!¬† Russ Cofano, Joe Ferrara the moderator and the woman from NAR. I was told afterward that something I said was Twittered into cyberspace instantaneously. Not sure what it was…I wasn’t Twittering on my iPhone while speaking on the panel. I¬†got¬†visibly annoyed with Todd Carpenter during the discussion (sorry Todd).¬†The Panel was on “How Not To Get Sued” as a blogger.¬† Todd was basically saying to be nice and avoid controversial topics.¬† But Russ and I had a really nice conversation and rapport on stage. (No Tim, no Punch and Judy show.)

I was the only one in the room that clapped for Frank Llosa on “The Future of the MLS” panel when he spoke of the button next to the Listing Agent info that explains why, as a buyer, you might not want to call the Listing Agent. Here’s a quote from Frank’s website¬†that will give you an idea of why I like him ”

“TRUST ME, I’M A REALTOR” Yeah Right! When was the last time a REALTOR talked you OUT of buying a house or condo?…”

The big “visual event” of the trade show was a new Franchise called “BUG Realty”. “At Bug!…We are the ‚Äúno hype,