Dustin Luther and ARDELL's butt make "the news"

[photopress:dustin_1_2.jpg,thumb,alignright]The BIG news today is that Inman named Dustin Luther, Owner and Founder of Rain City Guide among many other things, one of the Top TEN People to Watch in 2008

  1. Errol Samuelson, president, Realtor.com
  2. Sheila Bair, chairwoman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp
  3. Lockhart Steele, founder and publisher Curbed.com
  4. Sam Zell, Chicago billionaire
  5. Kerry Killinger, CEO, Washington Mutual Inc.
  6. Andrew Cuomo, New York attorney general
  7. Dustin Luther, founder, 4realz.net
  8. Lawrence Yun, chief economist, National Association of Realtors
  9. Ben Bernanke, chairman, Federal Reserve
  10. Kurt Pfotenhauer, CEO, American Land Title Association

Those with an Inman subscription can catch it here for those who can’t see that link, the blurb on Dustin is reposted here.

Of lesser import, my butt appears to be the opening shot of Joe and Rudy’s great video posted yesterday, over at Sellsius of  San Francisco Inman Connect/end of Blog Tour USA.

Congratulations Dustin!!!  I agree that you are clearly one to be watching in 2008.  We certainly will be watching you.  I find myself becoming addicted to 4Realz.net very quickly, though I think that site is just a speck of what we will be seeing and hearing from you in 2008.

Happy New Year!