Email Overload – 50,0000 emails

[photopress:images_1_2_3_4_5_6.jpg,full,alignright] I’ve done some simple math calculations and it seems that I have a minimum of 30,000 incoming and outgoing business emails in a year’s time. That’s just me personally, and not my partner or anyone else. That is business only and not including JunkMail or emailed property flyers or ads from Title Companies for Clock Hour classes, so I’m adding 20,000 for the crap to the 30,000 known to be business.

Big file emails, like Rhonda’s done in html, can be very short, like “Hi!”, and yet be large file size.

Sometimes short emails have a huge conversation string attached, and those can get pretty big too, even though the current message is “OK”.

Just adding this info to the now long “Disk Space” comment thread. I don’t imagine Gmail to be a good option for that much email. But I could be wrong. There must be different answers for a 50,000 email a year person, than a 5,000 email person…no? So thought this estimate of email usage might be helpful. This also does not count the emails I send directly from the mls with property links. Just those using my Outlook for email on the laptop.

Thank you for all of your suggestions so far. No “low disk space” warnings today! YAY!!