Zillow.com says "MAKE ME Move"

[photopress:logo.gif,thumb,alignright]LOL, it’s going to be one of those fun days on the Internet. It really has been way too quiet, except for Greg’s Bubble War, so I’m glad for a little excitement.

At 9 p.m. PST, Zillow is unveiling their newest major upgrade which allows both consumers and agents to upload their homes and listings…apparently, whether they are for sale…or not! This is going to be fun.

I’m planning to be one of the first to get a house in there before the East Coast wakes up. Let’s see how easy it is and whether or not it works yet.

There will be For Sale by Owners side by side with Agent Listings and a place for what we in the industry generally call “Pocket Listings”. People who might move, if you offered them a price that would make it worth their while to get out. That’s the fun part. Not that Zillow.com hasn’t already been a lot of fun as it is.

One interviewer today from L.A. asked me if the “Make Me move” category would really be of value to anyone who didn’t have a very expensive and unique property. I think it will be a great opportunity for people who cannot list their home for sale right now, but are planning to move sometime in the near future. People who are going to list their home in the Spring. People who are going to move when their child graduates from high school in June. People who will be listing their home when they reach their two year ownership requirement to avoid capital gains taxes. Pretty much anyone who is not quite ready to move right now, but would like to say to the public at large “Make Me move!” at x price, and then we’ll talk about when I’m willing to actually get out 🙂

So it should be a very exciting day. I’m off to see if I can upload a listing.