Anything but stormy

As Tim’s last update let everyone know that his team was having fun through the storm, I thought I’d let everyone know that things are anything BUT stormy near my home in Southern Cal…

I live right off Las Virgines Rd, which is about five or six miles away down the road from the church and castle that burned down yesterday. However, the good news is that my family is far enough away to be out of any danger, the same of which cannot be said for many bloggers in the southern California area whose homes are clearly threatened…

[photopress:malibu_castle.jpg,thumb,alignright]On a side-note, I invited Scotty Brown to work out of Move’s offices today because the internet was down at his home and work in Malibu… Normally, Scotty is quite the dynamic individual but he simply wasn’t his usual self today… But who could blame him considering his $17M listing went up in flames.

Owning the Malibu Community

About a month ago, I got a call from a friend who highly recommended that I give a chance to a real estate agent who is working very hard to break into the Malibu market. The idea of “owning” a piece of Malibu is somewhat irresistible to me (even if it is only the digital dirt!), so I couldn’t refuse, despite the many wonderful options (or maybe because I had too many wonderful options!)

[photopress:madison.jpg,full,alignright]Anyway, to make a long story short, I met up with the agent for breakfast, had a wonderful conversation and decided to coach him as part of Project Blogger. So, without further ado, I’m happy to introduce Madison Hildebrand and his most wonderful blog,

Probably one of the most appealing aspects to working with Madison is that he already understand how to use self-promotion in the real estate context (he could teach me a thing or two!), so our conversations really get to focus on the ways in which he can use the technologies behind online social networks (we’ve got ideas for Flickr, YouTube, ActiveRain, the Move Blogs, etc. in addition to consistent and inspired blogging!) to build up a healthy online community around a local real estate market. Malibu is an incredibly challenging market where a few big names dominate the local scene. I am thrilled to have this chance to work with Madison to bring this unique market into the digital age! 🙂