Layoffs at Microsoft

 Hat tip Sniglet.  From Reuters and the Wall Street Journal:

Microsoft Corp. is seriously exploring significant work force reductions that could be announced as early as next week, in a sign that the weak economy is prompting tough decisions even at one of the steadiest ships in the technology industry.  According to people familiar with its plans, the Redmond, Wash., giant is considering layoffs across its various divisions, a rare occurrence for the world’s largest software company. However, plans for the cutbacks are still in flux and Microsoft could end up finding alternative methods of reining in costs, one of these people said.

Reuters says Microsoft might announce the job cuts when it reports quarterly earnings next week.

Speaking as a Microsoft stockholder I’m pleased to hear the company talk about cutting costs. All signs point to a global recession which means corporations must control expenses.  Microsoft has been growing non-stop for years.  Many employees have never experienced any kind of staff reductions throughout their Microsoft careers.  Layoffs are a good time to get rid of underperforming employees.  Layoffs are typically political.  The employees that make their supervisor’s job a daily hell will be second on the list.  

I’d like to see Microsoft go on a diet.  Let’s ramp up employee productivity and get lean and strong. This is what companies do to survive tough times.  Long live Microsoft.