Pine is dying, Urbnlivn get together, SLU delays


Last Tuesday the POWHat Neighborhood Association hosted the developers of Pine and Belmont so the community could find out more about the controversial project. I was unable to attend though Carl Goodman did and contributed an excellent article to Urbnlivn, Pine + Belmont Condo Development: More Details Revealed. Unfortunately the details are not too promising. The biggest concern being that they will not be replacing the five bars they are displacing over noise concerns even though their target demographic is young singles. Capitol Hill won’t be the same.

I would also like to announce the first ever Urbnlivn meetup. If you’re interested in condos and all things new downtown the date to save is January 31st at 7:30.

Project news

South Lake Union

The biggest news out of Paul Allen’s South Lake Union is that all three projects (Enso, Rollin Street and Veer) have announced delays ranging from one to two months. This is the second set of delays.

They say the reason is delays in securing permits but maybe they are busy with the closing of 2200. It must still be in the midst of closing because 6 more units hit the market.

Trace Lofts

Trace Lofts the ‘mysterious’ project at 12th and Madison announced their reservation process [pdf]. Reminder, there is a preview event this Thursday.


Seattle’s ugliest condo may get a little less ugly. It looks like they are re-painting it.

Condos in the news

The Seattle PI had an article that Downtown mostly a male domain. Meanwhile the Seattle Times wonders if Mixed-use buildings bring mixed feelings. On the other hand the New York Times tells of the condo bubble elsewhere in the nation, Buyers Scarce, Many Condos Are for Rent. If any condo project here converts to rentals, my money is on Trio.