Freedom and Independence!

[photopress:100_1769.JPG,thumb,alignright]Happy Fourth of July! I could go on and on about how home ownership is the key to independence and how it can give you freedom from renting, but instead here are the Seattle PI’s list of celebrations around town. Hope you all have a safe and magical 4th of July!

P.S. If you are interested in the whole independence and home ownership discussion- don’t hesitate to call!

Mary Jereczek

Too Close for Comfort?

[photopress:100_1963.JPG,thumb,alignright]I found a great article on the land rush in the Pacific Northwest. This article has accounts of many people and their experience trying to buy homes in a seller’s market caused, in part, by a lack of land.

What I found most interesting was a resourceful answer to the shortage of space that was highlighted in the story. Some developers have started condensing houses – and by condensed I mean building upwards of 37(!) separate homes on an acre of land (though most seem to hover around 17 per acre). The houses have individual charm and a real community feel with a shared common area for all. Some people like the closeness of the neighborhood and the high quality of the construction- though the lack of parking was an issue for some. It may not be an option for all, but what an efficient use of our hot land commodity!

Housing Bubble- To Pop or not to Pop?

[photopress:Bubble_boy_2.jpg,thumb,alignright]Talk to anyone today on the subject of real estate and soon it turns into a discussion about the impending housing bubble and whether or not it is going to burst all over your investment dreams. How worried should we really be?

This article in the Seattle PI explained the situation both nationally and locally rather well. It seems that the question is not really whether the housing bubble will pop (if it even exists) but rather what impact that would have on your housing investment if it happened. All investments are risks. Arm yourself with knowledge and make the best choice for you and your situation and hopefully you can avoid getting “bubble” all over your face!