I just saw a scary commercial.  It went by pretty quickly and I was just walking by the TV, but this is what I think I saw.

A woman holding a microphone saying it’s maybe not a good time to buy. (perhaps a media facsimile)

A perky young woman who said that wasn’t true and she found out it was a good time to buy at “RightTimeToBuy.Org” and had just made her first home purchase.

Then the garden guy popped his head in “sisco?” and told everyone to go to RightTimeToBuy.Org

Who is behind this site?  It’s made to look very generic like a Public Service Announcement of some kind.  But who paid for the commercial on TV? 

“RightTimetoBuy.org is a free resource to educate, encourage and empower people who are thinking about buying a home. We don’t sell any financial or real estate products or services, all information is free and we don’t accept payment from anyone to be mentioned on our site.  We accept information from a variety of credible sources.”  I love that last line.  I see no links to SeattleBubble.com 🙂

Then it lists a bunch of real estate companies, a testimonial about a RE/MAX agent and something to do with a homebuilders association.  If this is backed by people who do “sell…financial or real estate products or services”, or is an advertising site for that purpose, is it OK to make it look like it isn’t a biased site?

If anyone else sees this commercial or knows anything about this site, can you give me your take on it?  I’d appreciate it.