Great Views = Landslide Waiting to Happen? Looking for a Geologist to Evaluate Slope Stability

Wow, what a view!  It takes your breath away…now let’s not let it take away good judgement too.

Sometimes a great house, with a fabulous view needs a little extra inspection and evaluation to help our clients make informed decisions when buying a house.  I have been working with a wonderful couple for awhile now and it looks like we have finally found their next home.  This home is hitting all the important criteria, and has a bonus of a beautiful view. 

There is a BIG territorial and mountain view because the home sits on a high, steep bluff.  So while to my untrained eye there does not look to be anything that indicates a problem, I have suggested to my clients that we have the slope’s stability looked at and evaluated by a professional to be reasonably sure that this is good home for them.

Since I have not needed a geologist technician before, I asked around and found one one who was referred to me by a commercial Geo-tech company and will probably have him evaluate the slope.

My question is, have any of you needed to have a slope evaluated either for clients or yourself?  If you did, who did you use?  What did the evaluation determine?