The Ballard Community

The community of Ballard is located in northwest Seattle. Ballard is famous for its Nordic roots, Ballard locks and wonderful family-focused neighborhoods. According to the City of Seattle, Ballard is made up of a group of smaller neighborhoods, including Sunset Hill, Loyal Heights, Whittier Heights, West Woodland and Adams. In practice, Sunset Hill and Loyal […]

Not all Home Loans are Created Equal

[photopress:14dust.jpg,thumb,alignright]If you read no futher, here are two key things you should do when getting a mortgage: 1) Get a “Good Faith Estimate” in writing! 2) Get a “Good Faith Estimate” from at least one mortgage broker and one bank. Now, for those of you who want some more information… When looking to finance a […]

New Ballard Library to Open May 14th!

[photopress:new_ballard_library.gif,thumb,alignright]The ballard branch of the Seattle Public Library is getting ready to open! The latest from the library’s website says that it will be open May 12th 14th! By the way, this does mean that we will be without a local library for a month as the existing site will close on April 10th. Update: […]

Professional Photography for Your Listing

Do you have a truely remarkable home? I’ve found one of the best ways to bring out the special charactoristics of a home is by bringing in a professional photographer. My favorate photographer to use is Wendy Baker Photography. She does amazing work! To see some of the work that she can do bringing out […]

Community Calendar

I’ve recently added a Ballard Community Calendar to my website. I created this calendar out of frustration with missing many events in Ballard that I was just not well publicized. I would really like to have all the interesting Ballard events in one place. Hence, I decided to build the calendar! It can be found […]