Happy New Year!

We have a few hours to go before we ring in the New Year of 2009.  But I wanted to take a few moments to thank all of our readers, my fellow writers, and the many people who comment here, for making Rain City Guide the special place that it is. Tomorrow will mark my third anniversary […]

Lending Woes: A Deeper Consumer Analysis

This may seem like an odd analogy, but I remember this story about my Mom when she was having her 7th baby.  She was in “a ward” with only curtains drawn around each bed.  She overheard some people telling the lady in the bed next to her that she should have “her tubes tied”.  They were […]

Real Estate Agents, Seth Godin and Tribes

Everyone who is going to buy or sell a house in 2009, should answer this question before choosing an agent: Are you looking for a Leader-Agent, or are you looking for a Follower-Agent? For those who have never heard of Seth Godin and/or Tribes, the hyperlinked words in this sentence are links to valuable resources, in that regard.  Now…forget […]

Priceless "Gifts" for my Readers at Christmas

How do you give back to “the anonymous many”?  Those who “speak back” to me in comments, are my most prized and loved readers.  Imagine singing to an audience that provides no perceivable reaction?  But I also appreciate the thousands of silent readers who sometimes email privately, and more often stay in the shadows. What do you […]

Last Mortgage Rate Update of 2008

Mortgage rates are essentially unchanged from what I posted here last week.   We have a modest improvement for 30 year fixed conforming, which is barely back under 5% with 1 point.  Lenders continue to price mortgages without attractive rebate causing scenarios priced with zero points or “no closing cost” to not pencil out.  I’m anticipating […]

Unusual Spread in Pricing Mortgage Rates

I first noticed the spread in the conforming jumbo/high balance markets…it’s currently impacting conforming loans, too.   Typically the difference between paying a point or not paying a point has been about 0.25% to interest rate.  For example, if 5.500 is at 0 points, then paying 1 point (1 percent of the loan amount) would buy the […]

1% for Authenticity

2009 is definitely the year to try to make the World a better place.  If 2,000 to 2010 will be the decade of greed, then let’s make 2010 to 2020 the decade of “authenticity”. The age of “What you see is what you get”.  Showing what you ARE vs. what you think you should show […]