Rain City Guide in Russian?

I had a good laugh when I read over WorldLingo’s translation of Rain City Guide in Russian. “Interview with John Mudd of Inside Real Estate” became “Interview with John Mudd Real Estate Guts.” There were a bunch of other funny issues with the translation, but that was my favorite. I’m yet to find a good […]

Meet a Realtor Who Doesn't Sell Houses…

The NY Times ran an article a few weeks ago on how hard it is for new real estate agents to break into the market (I’d like to the article but it is now behind a password-protected wall, so instead I’ll just link to the Property Grunt’s excellent summary and analysis). This article got me […]

Local Treasure: Golden Gardens

[photopress:golden_gardens_beach.gif,thumb,alignright]There’s a fun story on the City of Seattle’s website about the history of the Golden Gardens park. Turns out this local gem was named and developed “in 1907 as an attraction at the end of the novel, new electric car lines being built by realtors to induce townfolk to take a ‘Sunday outing’ out […]

Ballard Jazz Festival

This weekend in Ballard: 2 days / 50 musicians / 1 nordic fishing village Artists include: Joe Locke/Geoff Keezer Quartet, Larry Goldings Trio, Kate Hammett-Vaughn, Eric Alexander, Peter Bernstein, Marc Seales Band, Jovino Santos Neto Quarteto, Origin Uber Band, Tumbao, Dawn Clement Trio, John Stowell, Rob Davis, Matt Jorgensen +451, Bill Anschell … and many […]

Agent? Broker? Realtor? What’s the Difference?

[photopress:409_0991_IMG_1.jpg,thumb,alignright]The Motley Fool has a nice article explaining the different between a real estate agent, real estate broker and a realtor: Ever wonder whether a real estate broker and a Realtor are the same thing? Well, they’re not. Not exactly, at least. Someone with a real estate license is a licensed real estate professional, or […]

Is it Time to Refinance to Cash Out?

The Seattle Times posted an interesting article giving the pros and cons of refinancing homes in order to take out an cash (or a line of credit). Interestingly, the number of people doing this is extremely high with “nearly three out of four homeowners who refinanced through Freddie Mac between July and October cashing out.” […]

Stressful living!

[photopress:IMG_5046.jpg,thumb,alignright] In reading today’s Seattle Times article on people who have used interest-only loans to get into homes they could not otherwise afford, I get the feeling that some people are much better at living under constant stress than me! It can be a wonderful experience to own a home, but it still doesn’t make […]