Hope for Short Sales in 2013 – Congress is Working to Extend COD Income Tax Exemption


This is not legal advice.  For legal advice, consult an attorney, not a blog.  Furthermore, the post below addresses some BUT NOT ALL issues relating to foreclosure, short sale, etc., and the following analysis is cursory and not complete.  If you face a foreclosure or are considering some alternative, you should obtain legal advice. The Senate Finance Committee […]

Is King County at 2001 or 2005 price levels?

Was reading the questions in the comments over on The_Tim’s post about “The Bottom Falling Out on the Low Tier”. That pr

Lessons from the Foxhole: A Nevadan Takes a Stab at Seattle’s Real Estate Future

In August of 2005, our real estate market crashed.   It’s been five years and we’re slowly trying to get back on our f

How To Better Use the Internet to Find a Home

1) Make a “value grid” of the area you are interested in.

2) Overlay an Elementary School ranking grid (whether or not

This Week in Seattle Real Estate

Short Sales and Bank-Owned property as a percentage of the total market is a very important topic. One worthy of trackin

The Morality of Walking Away

This is not legal advice. For legal advice, consult an attorney not a blog.

I came across this interesting article in

How Does a Short Sale or Foreclosure Impact Your Credit

Ardell posed a question on her last post about credit scoring that I’ve been meaning to address here at Rain City Guide

Fannie Mae Announces Deed for Lease Program

In a press release this morning, Fannie Mae announced a new program for homeowners who are facing foreclosure and who do

Distressed property rental income: Who’s money is it when a home goes into default?

This is both a legal question and an ethical issue.I’ve bumped into this, not in the workplace, but out looking at prope

Loan Mod Firms: Attorney “Backed” or Attorney Representation

A story today in the NY Times contains interviews with salespeople who worked for an attorney-backed loan modification firm in California that is now under state investigation for defrauding desperate homeowners.  “Despite making promises of relief to homeowners desperate to keep their homes, FedMod and other profit making loan modification firms often fail to deliver, […]