Join us for a Ballard Conversation with Cory & Kate @ 4pm

I’m really excited that today’s episode of Rain City Radio will feature Cory and Kate of MyBallard.   I have an obvious Ballard-bias because I think it is one of the best areas in all of Seattle, so it should be a lot of fun to explore this neighborhood with some of the best local bloggers! […]

Rain City Radio with Justin of the Capitol Hill Blog at 4pm!

As I mentioned last week, this next episode of Rain City Radio will feature Justin of the Capitol HIll Blog!  So, if you want to learn about the ins-and-outs of this great neighborhood in Seattle, then check in with us at 4pm today (July 8th). And if you want to call in to ask your […]

Rain City Radio: Join the Conversation with Tim Ellis today at 4pm!

Please join us as we have a conversation about the Seattle bubble and the Naked Loon starting at 4pm PST! All it takes to get involved is a telephone OR an internet connection:   You can call in to listen to the show via any phone… You can log into TalkShoe to stream the show […]

Rain City Radio: A West Seattle Story

I really enjoyed today’s conversation with Tracy Records of the West Seattle Blog.  Tracy shared a ton of great stories with us and I learned a ton… Click here to listen to the entire interview! And below are some links to some of the things we discussed: Capital Hill Seattle Exit in Tacoma […]

A West Seattle Conversation!

I’m extremely excited about tomorrow’s Rain City conversation! I invite the entire RCG community to join us at 4pm on Tuesday for a conversation with Tracy Record, the local community expert who runs the West Seattle blog. My plan is to talk with her about the vibe of West Seattle, what’s she’s learned running the […]