Where Should I Live?

141st House

Not every client asks me where they SHOULD live. But the question comes up from time to time, and often from family memb

“NOT Grandma’s House” Open Sunday – Noon to 3

8532 16th AVE NW Seattle – Ballard or Crown Hill?

In City and not “Grandma’s House”.

Recently there have been a lot o

Seattle 4/3 Cape Cod with a View

Some time ago I wrote about Seattle Starter Home Styles and we talked about the value of having bedrooms up above the ma

Toll Brothers Comes to Seattle

CamWest announced, via email to its clients and prospective clients, that they have been purchased by Toll Brothers. The

What Every Woman Wants – Undermount Sinks

It seems to be fairly unanimous that women LOVE undermount sinks.

No more grody gook between the countertop and the lip

Starter Home Styles in Seattle – Part 1

If you are planning to buy a home in Seattle for about $350,000, it may be of some help for you to know how to generally

Style Trends – Should You Care?

Looking back at some photos of mine taken in my home when my children were small. Those were the days of colored carpeti

Should you buy a New home or an Old one?

Lots of people want a NEW Construction home, the same way they want a new car vs a used car. However starting the home b

Curbed and Eater come to Seattle

Today I excitedly Welcome Curbed and Eater to Seattle.

Curbed.com and Eater.com are well known for their fast and fu

Single Family Home Reserve Study

A Reserve Study tells you how much money to set aside monthly so that you won’t have to borrow money when something need