This week according to 4realz…

I can tell from the comments that many regular readers of RCG have been checking out the what I’ve been doing on It’s been fun to try out something a bit different as I do my best to summarize the news and gossip of the real estate technology and communities.

However, besides blogging on 4realz, I’m also committed to sending out a weekly email that summarizes the news and gossip that I think the typical real estate executive should know. Interestingly, I did something like this at Move and I know from feedback I got that the email was definitely appreciated since most executives don’t have the time to follow all the blogs and news sites that they wish they could. However, I do say “executive” pretty broadly since there are a lot of people who would appreciate a weekly summary of news and gossip from the online real estate community.

I’m extremely hesitant to republish the email on 4realz as a blog post each week (despite requests) because it feels like it would be repeating the same stories that would have already been covered on the blog earlier in the week. I still haven’t figured what I will do each week, but this week I thought I would post the email here on RCG!


While I expected it to be a slow week thanks to the holiday season, there was more than enough action to keep a blogger busy with all the big names making news week:


By the way, if you want to subscribe to my weekly email (similar to notes above), it is 100% free and 100% opt-in. To get on the list email me at with a request (a simple “please include me on your weekly emails

Wow! What a ride!

About an hour ago I walked out of Move’s offices for the last time as an employee. For those of you who’ve been around RCG for a while, you’ll remember that I took a position as Director of Consumer Innovations at Move with great enthusiasm back in April of 2006. Taking the position was a huge deal for me and my family and now that I’ve decided to leave,

The amount I learned working with the people at Move was incredible. I enjoyed learning a tremendous amount about product development, marketing, PR, corporate development and much more in little over a year-and-a-half. I was laughing with another employee earlier today because we both felt we had gotten an MBA’s worth of education in an incredible short-time period.

Interestingly, I’m actually more bullish on Move now then at any time since I started getting my hands dirty at the company. The new members of the executive team are bringing on top-notch talent and starting to make some hard, but necessarily, decisions around product development and business models. My decision to leave had very little to do with the long-term prospects of the company and much more to do with the role that I would be able to play in these changes. (Plus, it didn’t hurt that some opportunities opened up in the world of consulting that were just too good to pass up.) 🙂

Talking of outside opportunities… Now that I’m no longer affiliated with Move, I plan to talk (a lot) more about ways that real estate professionals can engage consumers using online technologies. But rather than clutter up this perfectly good blog about Seattle real estate with my industry rambles, I’ve decided to focus those conversations on

Please consider joining me on I promise to be interesting enough that it will become a must-read (and a must-feed) for anyone interested in the future fringes of the real estate industry.