Redfin's First Year

In a follow up to Dustin’s post, I started to examine Redfin’s numbers in a bit more detail.

Redfin released a report today (it was yesterday, but I am on vacation… I guess you can say Maui Time :)) that opens saying, “Finds .904% Negotiating Advantage, 1.952% Average Commission Refund, 95% Customer Satisfaction; The Most Common Type of Redfin Buyer is a First-Timer

What real estate sites do you use?

John Cook is on vacation and while he is gone asked, ‘What Real Estate Sites Do You Use?‘. It’s kind of a loaded question because he implies that transactions are going to be on the internet in the future, and he’s looking to find out which website is leading the way…

Reading through the comments, the discussion revolves around Redfin, although I’m sure RCG readers could skew the discussion in a different direction.