To First Page of Google in 7 Hours!

[photopress:w_1.jpg,thumb,alignright]Isn’t blogging grand!  I got a call this morning from a nice Realtor from Saline County, Arkansas named Wally Fry.

I was a little ticked at first because he said he got my name from Top Producer, and they told him to check out my blog as an example of how to blog.  My first thought was Holy Sh.t! Batman…I can’t take a call from everybody in the Country who signs up for a Top Producer Blog!  But he was such a nice guy that I couldn’t be mad at him, so after talking to him for fifteen to twenty minutes and checking out Central Arkansas while on the phone with him, I came up with an idea.

Where there you go, Mr. Wally Fry of is already on the first page of Google at number five or six.  Doing better than me even.  Of course it took Wally to follow through on my idea, and he was spot on it in a jiffy!  What a fabulous opportunity there is for those getting into real estate blogging today, especially for those who are in areas where the concept is still really new.

Thank God and Gore for the Internet!!  Good Luck, Wally! I’ll be mentoring him for another couple of weeks, but I can already tell that he’s very quick on the uptake and a fast study.  By the time other Realtors in his area “catch on” to the concept of blogging, he’ll be way ahead of the pack.