Top Women Real Estate Bloggers

[photopress:top_10_women_bloggers.jpg,thumb,alignright]Rudolph over at the Sellsius blog put together of his choice for the top woman real estate bloggers. It is a great list and all of the featured bloggers are worth reading. No surprise that Seattle had both both Ardell and Marlow featured on the list! They are two of the finest bloggers, male or female, Seattle or otherwise.

Other bloggers featured were:

Some others I would have put on my short list of contenders are:


OK Rain City Guide Contributors! It’s time to PUMP UP THE VOLUME! IT’S “SWEEP’S WEEK”!

[photopress:puv_1.jpg,thumb,alignright] Actually it’s “Sweeps MONTH!” Everyone start posting away to show those Inman judges what a multi-faceted group we are!

And RCG FANS, go into that Inman site and nominate away!

I’ll have to come up with some insider juicy stuff…or controversy…what do you think will get the judges attention?