The Future of Blogging According to Matt

Matt’s up on stage with Liz Lawley of Microsoft Research talking about the future of blogging as the final session at the Blog Business Summit.

It has been a fun conversation with Liz and Matt taking different sides in terms of the importance of community vs. technology. Here are some of my favorite conversations (Some of these may only be paraphrasing).

Matt: “As technologies, we tell a Noble Lie.”

The idea is that the technologists are telling everyone the technology is going to rule the day, but in reality, the technology has been around for a while. What is new is that we have an audience to read the massive amount of content that has been created!

Matt: “When we look at the search engines like Google… and Yahoo and Microsoft… I feel bad like I have to do equal opportunity pimping when I’m on stage…”

Host: “What do you see as the future of the internet?”
Matt: “I don’t know… Don’t even want to guess at that. The reason I’m up here on stage is timing. WordPress is here because of timing.”

Host: “If you could buy any companies today, who would it be? Who is doing things right?

Ten Ways to a Killer Blog by the Scobles

The Scobles (Robert and Maryam) led a fun presentation which began as 10 ways to killer blog, but ended as a way to 15 fun (and potentially valuable) tips.

It was a fun talk and Maryam’s giddy attitude was infectious with the crowd playing along with fun questions.

  1. Blog because you want to.
    • “A story without love is not worth telling.

Building Communities Online

Out of all the sessions at the Blog Business Summit, the session on building online communities held a special place of interest for me. In many ways, I simply happened upon the community that I’ve built at RCG, so it was refreshing to hear the speakers articulating thoughts I’ve had on how to build a community. In many ways, building a community feels somewhat intuitive (i.e. respect your users), but it turns out that the details often lead to tricky minefields. In many ways, this lesson highlighted just how far behind the real estate sphere is in creating effective online communities.

The three panelists, Elisa Camahort, Tara Hunt, Betsy Aoki, have all spent time on the front lines dealing with the good and bad of building up an online community.

Tara Hunt’s background includes running the grassroots marketing of Riya, which launched with a tremendous amount of buzz. On a high level, here are some high level tips for building a community:

  • Let customers “win

Enjoying the Blog Business Summit in Seattle

I’m currently attending the Blog Business Summit at the Bell Harbor Conference Center at Pier 66 in Seattle. It’s a beautiful facility (and wifi works well!).

The first session led by Jason Calacanis was a great and very personal history about blogging. If I had to summarize his talk in a few words, it would be about the importance of authenticity. With a great list of speakers, (including Robert Scoble whose blogging about Jason’s announcement of a new podcast on PodTech) it should be a great couple of days!

As I learn stuff at the conference, I’ll try to put together updates of things that I’m learning!

(By the way, I randomly sat down next to Drew Meyers of Zillow,and I’ve already ran across Paul Chaney of Blogging Systems)

UPDATE: Just noticed that Drew has a personal blog where he has a great summary of Jason’s talk.