Is MyBlogLog Good Social Networking Porn?

[photopress:Rain_City_Guide___MyBlogLog___Mozilla_Firefox_12_30_2006_3_27_30_AM.jpg,thumb,alignright]Because it has become somewhat ubiquitous around the real estate blogosphere, I started playing around on MyBlogLog about three days ago… Here is what I’ve done so far:

  • Added a bunch of contacts (pretty much anyone I recognize from the blogosphere) who happened to show up as I cruised people and website profiles.
  • Added Rain City Guide as a site and invited the other RCG authors as I found them using the system (only two so far).
  • Left a bunch of messages for people including one for Rudy letting him know that I still didn’t get the purpose of the site… His response was that it is easier to connect with people using this tool than via email.

Probably the “coolest” feature is that you can “see” who is visiting your site… I’ll keep this feature since it costs me nothing despite the fact that it misses out on a substantial number of users who consumer RCG posts and comments via RSS

Renthusiast is concerned about how easy it for someone else to claim your blog


My reaction is that it is so easy to connect with people on this system that the tool borders on the pointless… If I want to connect to someone on the internet, I’ll link to them. Do I really need a tool to connect with people?

Is connecting too easy? The obvious answer is yes… One soft-core porn blogger (bless her heart) decided to add Rain City Guide as one of her communities… To the general internet public, porn is vastly more interesting than real estate… Now when I look at statistics to see “What My Members Clicked on Other Sites Today” (which is a really cool idea in theory) it is loaded with porn sites like PornoTube (I’m not providing a link to the site, you’ll have to type it in the address bar yourself!).

Anyway, I’ve given the site three days and now my “pro” account has run out and they want me to upgrade to paying them a monthly fee for site stats and other unspecified “community” features. I’ll pass.