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Lumia 900 Windows Phone

One of the exciting things about being a real estate agent is you can really integrate technology in a meaningful way on an every day basis. I don’t have all the gizmos and gadgets just to “have” them. I can’t imagine doing business without them. I recently upgraded to the Lumia 900 which I think […]

Low Inventory? Be Pro-Active

Low Inventory continues to be an issue for many. This weekend there were so many people at one of the houses I was showi

Microsoft’s “Elevate America” Program

“Microsoft (announces) a job training effort aimed at giving technical skills to as many as 2 million Americans over the next three years…Microsoft is offering free certification and other technical training…starting with Washington State.” A big wOOt to Microsoft!

OpenSearch is beyond cool – it’s the new cold


I was reading Redfin’s Developer Blog and the IE blog a few months ago and I got this desire to write my own OpenSearch provider. OpenSearch was originally created by A9.com (an Amazon.com company) and was primarily designed as a way for web developers to publish search results in a standard and accessible format. This […]

Layoffs at Microsoft

 Hat tip Sniglet.  From Reuters and the Wall Street Journal: Microsoft Corp. is seriously exploring significant work force reductions that could be announced as early as next week, in a sign that the weak economy is prompting tough decisions even at one of the steadiest ships in the technology industry.  According to people familiar with its plans, […]

Seadragon – Microsoft iPhone App

“Seadragon Mobile comes with around 50 sample images that users can play with and Photosynth users will also be able to browse their synths, in 2D at least.” See more at The Boy Genius…which is a very good site to add to your daily read. Read more on Seadragon at the Micrsoft Live Labs site.

"It's Microsoft's World, Kid…

I just live in it.” That was the line in CSI: NY last night, where Microsoft’s Photosynth was used to reconstruct the events prior to and during a crime at a high school prom. They loaded up all of the photos taken on every student’s cell phone ( a big box of them).  Then they used […]