Join us at the HomeQuest Social Media Summit Next Week

David speaking at Real Estate Connect NYC '10Hey real estate professionals! I’m super excited to be taking part in the HomeQuest Social Media Summit next week in Portland…

I’m going to be speaking about creating and promoting your content… but more interestingly, the HomeQuest team has also lined up:

I know all three of these guys well and can tell you without a doubt that these are three of the smartest guys in online real estate.

This is sure to be a great event with lots of great learning (did I mention it’s free???).  You can register here!

And if you’re planning to attend, let us know in the comments. Maybe some folks from the Seattle are would like to carpool down!

[photos courtesy of Dale Chumbley of the Clark County Real Estate Blog, who always brings #thefun and will almost definitely be joining us next week as well!]

Twitter on a Real Estate Blog?

Over the slow Christmas weekend, we added a new feature to RCG and it generated so many interesting conversations on Twitter, that I thought I’d bring the conversation to a blog post.

The new feature is the Twitter widget on the sidebar. Here’s a snapshot:

Picture 5

The current implementation shows all the tweets from this Twitter list: @tyr/rain-city-guide, which takes all “original” tweets from current contributors plus “replies” to others on the list.

The type of feedback I *though* I would get from the other contributors was: “awesome! More Seattle people reading my tweets!” but instead, the reactions were somewhat more tame… with initial reactions being along the lines of Ardell’s reaction: “I have lots of fun on twitter and say things inappropriate for RCG.”

However, the contributors were kind to me and seem more than willing to play this out a bit, but now it’s time for feedback from the rest of the community… Here are some of the options I see for including Twitter on RCG going forward:

1. “Do Nothing” option. i.e. keep “as is”

2. Show all replies from contributors. If I add each author individually to the backend of the plugin (instead of use a Twitter list), it should include all their replies so the feed would include more people and not look like “RCG contributors talking to each other.” (However, if you check out my twitter feed, you’ll see that I talk with people from all over the country, so it will add a lot more noise to the list. Ditto for Ardell)

3. Remove the Twitter feed from RCG. (Kevin Tomlinson voted for this option when he said: “@ARDELLd mixing mediums ain’t the way to go. imo

4. Include larger Seattle community. I could use a much more general list (i.e. more than just RCG contributors).  I’ve created a bunch of “Seattle” lists associated with the Rain City Guide Twitter account. We could modify one of these lists and include the updates from anyone on one of these lists, the benefit being the feed wouldn’t just show RCG contributors talking to each other, but the negative being there’s likely to be a lot more “noise” in the updates as more people are contributing to the feed.   As someone in the RCG community (yes, that’s you if you’re reading this!), would you be interested in being on the list???

Do you have a better option?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the best way to bring Twitter into a real estate blog!

The Day Twitter Died

#fixreplies “Drove my Chevy to the levy, but the levy was dry…”

Marshall says it best, “Goodbye People I Never Knew” <tear>

The hustle and bustle of Twitter slowed to the level of a party gone flat…no bubbly. At first people just thought everyone decided to take a nap, all at the same time. Then there was a mass uprising…but no one can see it, because you can no longer see the @replies of people you don’t follow.

Last week, Twitter added a great new feature called Trending Topics.  Little did they know that the #1 Trending Topic would be turned AGAINST them and their recent decision to quiet down the party.

#1 Trending Topic is #fixreplies and here are  what some of the people are saying, as they are charging up to the castle to put the stake in Dr. Twitterstein’s heart.

“Oh gee that’s right @ev & @biz don’t follow most people, so they won’t see THAT WE’RE FREAKIN’ PISSED…#fixreplies

Checking @ev the CEO of Twitter, it would appear that they didn’t notice until #fixreplies hit #1 on the Trending Topics list, as all @ev had so say during all this was “Lunching w/@BertDecker at Yank Sing. It’s been a deem sum week.”

Talk about clueless. Did they think people woudn’t notice that someone turned off the light switch?

Seattle’s own @Shih_Wei says: “Dear @ev, the only alternative is to put the options back in users’ hands. Newcomers will figure it out, too. #fixreplies”

Some hearfelt pleas: “Twitter is now hiding messages from people you follow, if it’s a reply to someone you don’t follow. How am I supposed to discover people now? #fixreplies

Lots and lots of complaints, like this one: “Looks like Twitter will kill itself w/ stupid un-social changes like #fixreplies

Given the comment above, maybe the post should have said The Day Twitter Committed Suicide.

Some of the Coders who write Twitter Apps, like Seattle’s @dacort see it as an opportunity: “dacort  Twitter taketh away, and small angry developers will provideth.

I’m going to go to sleep and hope I will wake up to find it was all just a bad dream.

Twitter is AMAZING

Over this past week, I’ve had the misfortune dealing with cable (Comcast) being down and just today, my email being out (an issue with Network Solutions).   Both times, I vented with 140 characters (or less) on Twitter.  Of course, I had to use my Treo to whine about Comcast.  But what happened in both cases really surprises me.   Apparently these big corporations have their own “David G’s” out there with their own Twitter profiles and alerts set up to address issues brought up on the internet.

Here’s my Tweet:

pulling out my hair…network solutions email seems to be down…argh! No emails for me.

And the response I received minutes later.

netsolcares @mortgageporter Hi this is Gerry from Network Solutions. I’m sorry your having issues. If you’d like to contact me I’ll see what we can do

I just got off the phone (after holding for over 11 minutes) with Gerry @ Network Solutions and they narrowed down what my issue was (too technical for me to explain) and the good news is, everything is back up and working.   And it’s the weekend.  I’m amazed.

The Comcast response and issue was very similar.   A “tweet” from me saying Comcast is out…no email or internet and this reply from “Comcast Scott” within moments

comcastscott @mortgageporter how often has this been happening? Can we help

Along with this one

comcastcares@mortgageporter Keep us updated


comcastscott @mortgageporter glad to help! Keep those tweets coming

By the way, if you have Twitter and you find your Comcast or Network Solutions services not working, you can always tweet these fella’s…they react quickly.  I am impressed and would have never pictured large corporations utilizing social networking this way.

So for all of you who are not utilizing Twitter because you think it’s a fad, I encourage you to check it out.  It is what ever you make it.  I’ve found it to be real useful for communicating what I doing during the day, like providing live rate quotes, in a consultation, writing a blog post, etc.  And I’ll post something “non-business” every once in a while like what I’m cooking up for dinner.

If you do sign up (it’s free and easy to do) please “follow me” or at very least, send me a tweet!

I Love Brian Brady's Twitter – You Will Too

I wish I could save this post for Valentines Day!   Earlier this month, fresh from Inman NY, Brian announced that he is going to start posting tidbits of rate info on Twitter.   If you subscribe to Brian’s Twitter, Mortgage Report, you’ll be notified if he feels you should be locking or floating…this is similiar to what I receive by investing my subscription to Mortgage Market Guide (bond quotes).  However, this service is free and priceless!  

Here are the alerts I received from Brian just today (which was an exceptional day):

  • 5:10 a.m. Stock futures are down 5%.  Good for mtg bonds and rates – FLOAT long purchases, LOCK all others – update later
  • 5:48 a.m. Emergency Fed Cut
  • 7:05 a.m. Mortgage bonds up close to half a point.  Expect lenders to offer 30YFRM below 5.5% today (conforming limit)
  • 1:37 p.m. FYI: I locked a 30YFRM at 5.25% with 1 point for a 5.53% apr today.  Expect ARMS to drop this week
  • 6:11 p.m. FLOAT loans closing >15 days, LOCK loans closing <15 days.  Wild day today, tomorrow promises to be as nuts.   You will hear it here 1st

This is simply a brilliant idea and a huge commitment from Brian Brady of Mortgage Rates Report and Bloodhound Blog.   If you can’t wait until the end of the work week for “Friday’s Rates”, subscribe out Brian’s Twitter!  You’ll be twitterpated.  😉

Tweet tweet

So far, we have Jeff, Joel, Jessica, Keith and Myself prepared to twitter the NAR 2007. Follow along, or better yet tweet with us, at Jeff’s summary site: NAR Updates.

And I’m voting for using “NAR2007” (one word) as our tag on Flickr, YouTube, etc. Use it and you’ll make it easy for us to find your stuff! 🙂