Christmas Neighborhood Round-up….

….December began with snow flurries and we had a (brief) White Christmas too!

Holiday parking woes in Ballard at Large  and it’s a Blue Christmas on Alki on Beach Drive Blog  

On Capitol Hill The Northwest Film forum and Santa partying it up, Mid Beacon Hill and The Year in Review photo story part II. 

A different kind of man in a different kind of red suit on Capitol Hill Triangle , another Red Suit (Mayor Rosemarie Ives) in Redmond Nieghborhood Blog.

Give One Get One program is touched upon in Cosmo Seattle , and a Holiday gift idea from Broadway Seattle.  

Christmas lights in Week 50 in Kirkland 52 , and the Christmas Star returning (?) on Beacon Hill Lights.

Kirkland dogs are dreaming of a Dog Park in Kirkland Weblog , and Winter Solstice at Miller Park Neighborhood Association

Christmas in Issaquah in Issaquah Undressed , World Peace and the Scary Santa in SammaMishmash.

Dreaming of a White Christmas came true in West Seattle Blog , and my Seattle’s Urban Villages Christmas Lights tour….

Neighborhood Round-up: Halloween is just a week away….

Tis the season of the pumpkin and on Alki it’s transforming…. Blood and Gargoyles: an exchange in At Large in Ballard

Eerie Capitol Hill Seattle photos.   Haunted Brew House Tour info at Georgetown’s The Paper Noose

Issaquah Undressed and the “Coat of Many Colors“.   It’s a Stellar Pizza night in Georgetown on Mid Beacon Hill and Tippi Hedren is for the Birds!

Miller Park Neighborhood Association : Volunteers needed for the Community Center’s Creepy Carnival.  Halloween Happenings in West Seattle Blog

Neighborhood round-up serves up with Salmon…

One tough salmon on Ballard Avenue ….and Salmon days over at Issaquah Undressed is wet for everyone!

Help with “personality” wanted at Ballard’s Nervous Nellie’s as “advertised” by At Large In Ballard , and Mid Beacon Hill waves “buy-buy” to the Boeing Store that will soon take off on it’s final flight.

West Seattle Blog and a trip to West Seattle Farmer’s Market.  Missing on Beach Drive Blog…the mysterious Sunset Bagpiper….

Broadway Seattle on Capitol Hill is soliciting for a “hip” and “fun” neighborhood name.  CHS on Capitol Hill proposes a “brilliant” new revenue generating scheme…umm, idea.  

Northwest Film Forum festivities over on Capitol Hill , and ABC’s Extreme Makeover works its magic for a Kirkland family over at Kirkland Weblog.

Controversy over at High Point Blog in the “Tale of Two Cities” and some political incorrectness brouhaha.

Week 41 over at Kirkland 52 highlights Fall’s fallen, and a yummy Fall treat…sippin’ spice returns on SammaMishmash.



September 11, Neighborhood Round-up begins with a West Seattle Tribute to Freedom….

…Alki unveils its Lady Liberty so reveals West Seattle Blog


Personal remembrance of things past…Pike Place Market, circa 1923, via Alki.  Always a wonderful surprise at Beach Drive Blog when one of these is caught on digital.   

Ballard Avenue compares the “Bootylicious” quotient of an Olympic Sculpture.  Issaquah Undressed and ART.  

The Wedgwood Blog ponders “weighty” sidewalk issues in a “healthy” debate.   NIMFY musings At Large in Ballard

Urban fruit harvest time!  Capitol Hill Seattle reminds us the proper harvest “ratio” for the annual bounty.  Bento Box tip at Broadway Seattle . 

Captain Columbia City and the cinema….On again/ off again the wagon at Kirkland Weblog

  Red Brick Blog in Issaquah wonders “Y” for fun.  First Day of School in Sammamishmash 

Miller Park Neighborhood  wins for BEST headline…”Storm in a D-Cup”!

And now for something completely different…Seattle Neighborhood Round-up

Headlines come and go…life goes on in our Seattle Neighborhoods….

A refreshing Alki twist on an old time summer favorite. On Beach Drive Blog some resident wildlife captured in aerialist feats of fishing. Discovered at West Seattle Blog rare sightings of pink birds are anticipated to be seen in West Seattle yards soon.

Happy 500th Ballard Avenue blog! At Large in Ballard tips us on the BBQ at the BCC.

Up on Capitol Hill at CHS the moon shone a little less brightly last Tuesday and has photos to prove it.

Issaquah Undressed spots a horse of a different color and composition…scrap iron. The City of Redmond Neighborhood BLOG reports on some stormwater solutions happening in Redmond.

Over at Kirkland Weblog a dancing hot dog delights drivers…and captures children’s’ attention at the corner of 124th and 116th. Week 35 at Kirkland 52 drops the hint of fall.

Neighborhood Roundup: Seattle Uncovers a Funny Bone

Due to the success of last week’s neighborhood roundup, I thought I’d make another attempt…

After a confusing vote on the Viaduct replacement, the Need to Know Seattle Condos blog lets us know about the grassroots movement to replace the viaduct with condos… This type of mixed-use development is sure to please the folks at City Comforts (temporarily, known as Viaduct, the blog)…

[photopress:pizza_bike.jpg,thumb,alignright]The Capitol Hill Seattle folks are shocked to get fast (and dry) pizza delivery in Seattle. “Because the Pagliacci delivery guy refuses to purchase a fender for the rear tire of his bike (he claims the tips aren’t that good), our pizza not only takes a long time to get delivered, but the cardboard box arrives soaked whenever it rains! The fact that Palermo’s delivery guy uses a car is a big plus (even if it doesn’t please our social sensibilities!).” Do you think it would help the Pagliacci delivery guy to know that he could get free maintenance advice for his bike at the Garfield Community Center on Sunday afternoons?

Seth over at the Seattlest loves the rain. (He obviously doesn’t order pizza from Pagliacci very often).

A much more prominent Seth seems more than a little concerned that Ballard’s Archie McPhee is selling Cap’n Danger Stunt Monkey’s for kids. The photo says tells the story…

The West Seattle Blog lets us know about the “West Seattle Pet Rodeo and Snooty Walk”. Seriously, here’s a link to the event

Others in West Seattle are looking to return a missing fowl.

Ballard Avenue uncovers this (I’m not sure how to describe it!) video from Finland. Thanks to the fact that my wife loves this video, I’ve watched it more times than I care to admit…

Today’s saddest news in the Seattle neighborhood blog scene… Rumor has it that the writers behind the Seattlest and Metroblogging Seattle decided it would be a fun April Fool’s prank if they switched blogs for a day. However, the joke backfired when readers couldn’t tell the difference…

And finally, this post just missed the entry time for the Carnival of the Cities that is going to be hosted by The Seattle Traveler(there’s a carnival for everything!) What a bummer!

Neighborhood Roundup: Breaking the Espresso Rut

Creating the list of active neighborhood blogs was only the first step in my grand vision… (or is it Greg that has the grand neighborhood vision?) Okay… Maybe there is no grand plan, but I thought it would be fun to give a roundup of recent neighborhood posts…

The West Seattle Blog has turned to Cafe Rozella to break out of an espresso rut and is “really impressed”.

Dave at the Learning from Lake City expanded my skatepark world view considerably… Skatedots? Skatepots? Districts? Regionals? Who knew?

Georgetown Stew highlights a scam where people are not only taking advantage of day laborers, but it gets worse

Not only are some folks in South Park being stiffed out of their wages, the employer(s) are apparently asking the workers for their home address, with the promise that a paycheck will arrive in the mail. And then the surprise arrives. Not a check, but officers from Immigration & Naturalization show up.

Beach Drive gives us a beautiful photo of a brave soul on the Sound…

Linked a day too soon to the Outer Limits blogEricka announced that she was moving on (thanks to a job!) and looking for a replacement…

The Miller Park Neighborhood Association blog is looking to get people out at an upcoming (March 28th) Sound Transit meeting to show support for lightrail on the eastside

The Kirkland Weblog highlighted a great new photo blog out of Kirkland… The idea (as I understand it) is that the author of Kirkland 52 is planning to post photos of Kirkland once a week over the next year.

The Capitol Hill Seattle blog indulges their love of maps with an interesting map of voter patterns on the Viaduct Replacement. (PI Article)

The Belltown Bent highlights an award given by a Harvard Group to Weiss/Manfredi Architects for their work on the Olympic Sculpture Park.

Ballard Avenue wallows a bit in the transportation history of Ballard… I think the photo makes the post.